Testifying While Black -- New media coverage

[EDIT 3: Pod Save the People talked about our research this week! Start listening at 11min 58seconds into the episode. Its a really good discussion of the research and its implications. And so cool to have this group of people discussing what we did!]

[EDIT 2: Taylor was on Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane on WHYY Philly this morning. The other guests were Cassie Owens who wrote about our research in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Kami Chavis, a Professor of Law and Director of the Criminal Justice Program at Wake Forest School of Law. They had an awesome discussion about the research and its implications — with a nice little shout out to me and other co-authors at the top of the program! You can listen to the whole episode here.]

[EDIT: Taylor went on the CBC Radio One program As It Happens to talk about the research two days ago. You can listen here. Also, either he or both of us will be on Radio Times on WHYY Philly on Friday morning.]

We have been getting a lot of media attention for our forthcoming paper in Language about court reporter mistranscription of African American English. (See my previous blog post, or this excellent post from my co-author, Taylor Jones, to read a little about what the research was and what we found. )

Here is the Philadelphia Inquirer’s coverage of the research.

And here is the coverage by John Eligon at the New York Times. The article made the Sunday Times print edition!

We are still getting inquiries, so watch this space for more media related to this research.